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Well...first of all today is day #7 for me!! Longest i've gone without b/p in years!!!

Second. I just realized that I've been having a migraine for about 6 days now. Just as long as I've been doing well. Could these be related? I'm finally feeding my body and now getting migraines? Or maybe its not related and is coincidence and could be something else. Anyone have any input!? Thanks!

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First of all, congrats on

First of all, congrats on being seven days in - that's amazing!!! Good for you!

I also get migraine-like headaches in the first two weeks when I start a recovery attempt. I think of it as a withdrawal symptom.

Hang tough, it will go away!


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Hello, I can only confirm: I

Hello, I can only confirm: I am on b/p free day 2 and have a huge headache. My face is so bloated that seems about to explode too. I have experienced this before eveytime that, for a reason or another, I could not b/p, and I can confirm the symptoms were quite the same. I guess it's just the body trying to understand what's going on, after years of b/p routine. I found that doing some very light exercise helps, like going for a long walk or stretch a bit neck, arms, legs.
Hang on, it will pass! (I say it to myself too :-)

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