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Mind on overdrive

Does anyone else just feel like their mind never stops? I have this constant feeling that I think more than anyone around me, and that I am always internalizing or living on this roller coaster of thoughts and I think bingeing and the numbing comes from wanting to escape that constant conversation going on in my own head. I have not been bingeing as much, but lately I've been wanting to come home and have a glass of wine (which sounds innocuous, but this would not be my usual at 4pm on a Monday since I planned to go to the gym…) or something along those lines to similarly 'escape' the constant thoughts. It's not even that they are bad thoughts, they are just constant. i am thinking about the future, my family, personal interactions, what to do with my career, etc., and I don't always want to have to fill myself with activities and distractions - I just don't understand how other people can just "be" without always yearning to fill some weird void and/or get answers to unknown questions. I guess this is the human condition, but I am also feeling as though a particular personality type that is also prone to eating disorders may be more prone to this type of constant thought streams. If so, hoping someone out there can relate and give some advice on how to calm or find inner peace and contentment. My faith is a big part of my life and I do feel as though I can try to improve my spiritual life, but aside from that suggestion, any thoughts would be very appreciated!


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I really relate to what you

I really relate to what you go through! My mind never stops either, and it's insane sometimes. I even ask myself to please shut up for 10 seconds at least!
What you said about filling the void and the connection to being hyperactive both mentally and physically, is true. I'm never at peace unless I do tons of things all the time.
I'm also a firm God believer and I feel compelled to make the most of everything God has blessed me with, and it's never ending, because there's always s much to do!
It's exhausting, and the hardest part in recovery for me, is to slow down, rest, etc...
So you are not alone on this and I'm convinced most of us here have that kind of mental hyper activity!!


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Thanks so much for your reply

Thanks so much for your reply - it does help to have the support and knowing there are others having the same thing going on!


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Hello Dreambigger, I can

Hello Dreambigger,

I can totally relate to your message!
What starts to help me with this is accepting the fact that I am highsensitieve and much thinking is part of this.
It helps me to respect more rest,enough sleep and adequate nutrition.
I have seen a ayurvedic fysician and he told me that I eat very wrong for my fysic condition.I ate mainly rawfood
and he told me I have to eat mainly cooked,warm,soothing food as porridge,soups,grains,rootvegetablesand add
more oil to my diet.This and also to massage the whole body with lots of warm sesameoil every morning 30 min
before showering really helps me to be less occupied with non stop thinking and less worried.
I also write in a notebook in the morning, following the stream of consciousness as told in the great great book:the
artists way from Julia Cameron.I write 3 pages without over-thinking,without stopping.Everthing in my head goes on
paper and get a place...
And lastbut not least,if you believe in God,maybe the free courses at www.setting captives free can help you too.
Than your thoughts maybe can turn more towards God and you can get peace instead circling aroundin your own head.

Wish you the best,


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Yep, my mind can just go on

Yep, my mind can just go on and on too. Pristiq has helped A LOT with this, but now I have gone off it and am listening to various podcasts about bingeing, progress not perfection, and also doing 10 minute guided meditations. I have never been good at meditating as I get distracted BUT using earphones where I can hear nothing but their voice is working for me. I am far from recovered but feel that I will get there. You will too (-:

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