Miss Representation

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Miss Representation

I was delighted to see this! It's really good. Even though the organisation itself is specific to the U.S., the film has, of course, great relevance to the rest of us - because the issues/problems discussed are worldwide, as we all know only too well.


What are your thoughts?


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Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this video, although it doesn't say anything new or innovative, there is so so much need to talk about it, and even more from a media perspective. I was a bit disappointed by the end though, as it sounds pretty rethoric and the musical crescendo of the background unfortunately doesn't reflect practical changes on the horizon. Still, it's very very important that videos like this one are produced, that 'powerful' voices take part to it and that they are circulated (and seen) as much as possible. We do know what that would have meant to us years ago for instance.. and what they mean now as well..
Thanks, really, for sharing,

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