Morphing from bulimic to compulsive overeater

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Morphing from bulimic to compulsive overeater

I think I am morphing from a bulimic person to a compulsive overeater. The reason is that I am no longer able to purge. I seem to have lost that "ability". This could be a good thing, but I still have the binges.

I really feel that I am sinking into my own version of he**.

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oh i hear you on this one...

oh i hear you on this one... i've really started to consciously not purge even if i binge but i find myself overeating almost every day (mind you it's probably not as bad as i'm imagining compared to what i used to let my stomach keep down...) but still, i find myself feeling more and more bloated with each binge until i have to purge (well not have to, but i give in).

i'm trying to have faith that my eating will normalize over time. given all the years it's been soooo messed up it's gotta take a little time right?

I think you just have to trust your body, I know I'm constantly amazed at how resiliant my body is given what i've put it through and how quickly it recovers when i give it a chance. Not purging is half the battle, stick with it and have patience.

~ breathe in now ~

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This is a very common phase

This is a very common phase of recovery, I find myself that it is a normal part of the letting go process. Please persevere, according to the ancel keys study & other reports it will get better just try to pay attention to your fulness when ever you can & listen to your body when possible. Try to treat it as a learning process & dont beat yourself up about it xxx


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Tha same thing happen to me.

Tha same thing happen to me. I start the structured
Eating last week, since that I kept binging
Every day without purging :(

One Big Step .. For new life .. Healthy , Confiedent , Happy .. Ever

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Thank you, thank you. Your

Thank you, thank you.

Your messages are very reassuring. If it's an adjustment to normal eating, then I guess its' OK, but to me it just seems strange to eat so much and not get rid of it.

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It's definitely half the

It's definitely half the are breaking part of the cycle so that is a good thing!!! It is scary because now the fear of gaining weight runs rampant in our brains. But since purging doesn't really get rid of a ton of calories anyway, the fact that you are getting through without purging is a huge step!!! You can do this!!!!!! You are acknowledging what you are doing and reaching out for help so the goal is that slowly over time the binges will diminish and with each new day as you allow yourself to eat whatever you want. Just try to eat slowly and drink water and follow your structured eating plan and things will continue to progress in a good direction!!!!! xoxo

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Eating slowly is great

Eating slowly is great advice. I have to be more conscious about it.
Today is day 2 with no purge. Hooray for me!

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This has also been the

This has also been the pattern with me. I was able to stop purging relatively easy, but I still tend to binge from time to time. What has helped me is to make sure that I am eating enough and well balanced, as well as allowing myself "treats" a few times a week so that I don't feel deprived.

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I feel the same way. I tend

I feel the same way. I tend to OVEREAT so much, and no longer get the urge to purge, however binging constantly almost everyday is really getting to me and definitely making me feel bloated. Im just feeling more and more insecure about my body, and I just don't know how to handle these feelings. Im so ashamed of what I do :(

I guess I'm not the only one feeling this way, and I'm glad everyone here is able to share their thoughts and be so open (:

Catherine Liberty
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It is really common to feel

It is really common to feel like this in recovery. A few months ago I actually dedicated one of my weekly newsletters to this very topic. I created an article called "Can recovery cause binge eating disorder?" anyone who's interested can view it here:

I hope this helps a little :)

Catherine x

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thanks catherine that was

thanks catherine that was really helpful, ive been worried about the amount of weight ive been gaining but im hoping it will level out

"I have held many things in my hands and lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess." -- Martin Luther

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Whenver I stop purging for

Whenver I stop purging for any period of time, I do still overeat and that scares me too. My ED actually began as OED then went to anorexia to bulimia to EDNOS. It's crazy, but I think this happens to a lot of us.

just hold my hand i think that would help.

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