Mother dearest

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Mother dearest

I eat and purge, sometimes i can hold it in if its a good day but usually I spend days without any food in my system. I usually eat lunch in school, so i dont eat a lot, consequently i dont purge but now there is nothing to hold me back.
I wanna tell my family about everything, but we are fighting so much, and I know they will ask what can we do for you, and the only thing i canthink, is telling my dad to kick out my mom, out of the house because its her fault everything started.
She always complained about my weight saying"you were so beautiful and thin when you were little" or " I used to be followed arond in college because of my good looks" then two years ago she did a surgery to make her stomach smaller, that year I started cutting and feeling worthless, the next year she had a lipo and a surgery to make her chest smaller, that day after her operation I started throwng up, everytime im in a good place she starts again, I wish she would just leave me alone.
The worst part is my brother last year I slipped and told him, he never mentioned it again and a few months ago we were in London and just had lunch(in my case lunch and purge) and he said "gosh this elevator smells like vomit" I was like this is it Im being found out, but my family just shruged and their lives went on.
Mu dad is oblivious to everything, the only person who knows everything is one of my teachers because i put everything in a project, she asked me how i was a few times, but its not like she can do anything






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