moving back home - triggering environment

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moving back home - triggering environment

Just wondered if anyone has any advise on how to deal with multiple triggers as a result of moving back home/shared accommodation. I find that seeing different foods can be really triggering. As a result I try and stay away from the kitchen in the evenings so I am not exposed, but I find even small tasks like going to get a drink difficult as I suddenly get exposed to lots of foods in one go. I know its not something I can change but wondering if anyone has advise on how to deal with it?

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Living at home with my

Living at home with my parents I found the evenings particularly difficult in terms of bingeing, like you said the kitchen is full of triggers and binge foods. I found going to get a drink at the same time as my allocated eating times really helped, also try having a snack ready prepared so you can eat and leave without spending too much time in the kitchen. There's been a couple of times where I've encouraged others to come in with me to help find something/make a drink/for a chat, just something to distract me from bingeing and to help me focus on getting a drink and coming away! Hope that helps :) xx

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OH MY GOSH seriously, every

OH MY GOSH seriously, every time I go home for Christmas I just fall apart because 1) holiday foods are everywhere, 2) FOOD is everywhere, 3) things I purposefully don't buy for myself are everywhere. And not having a schedule to follow. Keeping people around is a really good idea. I told my mom that I want to have mealtimes and snack times scheduled so that even if I choose not to eat what everyone else is having, we all eat at the same time. And I'm going to have to try and write out structure for my day. Boredom in an environment like that is deadly. I had one lovely girl suggest visualizing difficult situations. I thought that was a really good idea. Good luck everyone! This is a hard time of year.

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I've been in your shoes

I've been in your shoes recently! I had to move back home after a break up and suddenly found myself b/ping nightly after work when everyone had gone to bed. Their house is filled with trigger foods.

Is there any way you can talk to them and ask them to make those foods inaccessible? To either lock them up or stop buying them? I wasn't able to do this because after 17 years my parents still don't know about my ED.

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