Muscle cramps?

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Muscle cramps?

Hey guys :)
well last night I was getting something out my top drawer when my foot suddenly went into spasm, hehe it sounds funny I know but my word does it hurt like a @#%& ^^, anyway I basically fell to the floor n had to physically stretch the cramp out in the opposite way with my hands....not pleasant. This has only happenend to me a few times before and its usually when Im having a hard time with b/p,and recently Ive been at my worst pretty much constantly b/p throughout the day :(.I know my bodys taking alota strain n Im really worried, just wanted to find out what cramps are caused from and if this could be related to b/p? Like maybe Iv completely messed up my electrolyte balance or I herd something bout a lack of potassium?

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I believe that muscle cramps

I believe that muscle cramps are due to electrolyte imbalance and low potassium. I like to take an Emergen-C if i am feeling like this as it has all the vits and minerals to restore electrolyte embalance. Apparently Coconut juice is very good for that as well.

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Magnesium deficiency.

It's more like magnesium deficiency, although it can be caused by the lack of other mineral salts too. Take some Magnesium supplements with some B6 vitamin.

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I went to my doctor for this,

I went to my doctor for this, because mine were so bad that I had them NONSTOP in my feet, and even while I was walking on them, they remained cramped. It was AWFUL.

He told me that the number one reason for cramping like that is simply dehydration. He told me to drink something with a little sodium (not necessarily because I was lacking sodium, but because drinking a lot of plain water flushes what sodium you DO have out, so it just keeps that level steady).

Unless you know you're low on electrolytes you should be careful with supplementing on your own. Vitamin and mineral overdoses CAN and HAVE caused deaths before, so be cautious. Look up any supplements you may take, and if they have "upper limits," ask your doctor before you take them.

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Nicola C
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Oh this happens to me a lot!

Oh this happens to me a lot! Thanks for the explanations guys.

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