Muscle pain and fatigue in recovery?

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Muscle pain and fatigue in recovery?

Um. Hi, everyone... this is my first post here. *waves* Be gentle, please?

Anyway, I have a question. I'm a non-purging bulimic, I've always overexercised after a binge. After a while, I started getting horrible muscle fatigue and pain (probably because of the combined restriction and exercise). I started on my meal plan almost three weeks ago, and my energy levels are much better - I can actually get things done, it's a strange experience after so many years of extreme tiredness!

My muscles still hurt, though. Not as bad as they used to, but they do (and they're much weaker than when I was healthy). Does anyone know how long it takes for them to rebuild themselves?

Also, I started gaining on my official "maintenance levels". I've read about this a lot (both on this forum and on the internet), and everyone seems to be telling me that it's just a rebound, and my metabolism will bounce back. (To be honest, I'm already much less cold! I used to have to wear sweaters everywhere, but now, when I look at people on the street, I wear the same kind of clothes they do.) But what if I can't stop gaining weight..? I'm terrified! Always being hungry doesn't help either... my appetite is much "better" than it was, and that scares me.

So, um... help?

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Muslce recovery is

Muslce recovery is interesting. If you work the same muslcews everyday- you continuously break down muslce tissue- not giving them a chance to rebulid. And MUSCLE BURNS FAT. So it is good to have muscle. By overtraining- you aren't building muslce- which might cause weight gain.

I was doing an extreme home fitness program called p90x for about four months- and decided to stop- because I didn't want to have muscle- (Body dismorphia)- but people said I looked great- and I was ripped for a while. But anyways- i strated doing another program- where I work the same musles everyday- which is supposed to make you lean- and- my body co positionm has changed for the worse.

Im thinking i might go back to p90x- which was based on muscle confusion. I worked abs three times a week (and only three- because the ab routine was hard core- litterly- lol) and legs once a week-, triceps and biceps one day, adn chest and back the other day- thats pretty much what it looked like.

anyways- bottom line- if you are always sore- ease of a little. work different mueslces on different days. And as for cardio- I love it- but that will make you sore too. Im rambling- i hope what i wrote made sense.

Good luck! (epsom salt baths are good too for sore muscles- as well as having plenty of water before and after workouts- as well as electrolytes)

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Yes, it absolutely makes sense! I'll start at the gym on Monday, because it's starting to get cold - I guess I should build all of my muscles up a bit!

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I was looking into that as well, but exactly like you said, i worry it will give me too much muscle. I dont know how to get rid of this flabbiness that I think my bulimia caused :(

I heard that abs are the one muscle group you can work out everyday though.... its supposedly repairs itself a lot quicker than other muscles, so you SHOULD work it out everyday. I dunno, there is a lot of info out there, not sure which is right! but thanks for the muscle info :)

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Also make sure that you drink

Also make sure that you drink a lot! Dehydration can cuase sore muscles and add some stretching to your routine. The only excersie I do at the moment is walking (I don't have a car lol) and yoga. I have never felt better! Exercise is great for your mental and physical health but I don't think there's any point in doing too much exercise during recovery until your body has completely healed - but that's just my opinion :)

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Oh, I drink all the time, so

Oh, I drink all the time, so that's not a problem! I had a rather nasty bike accident this weekend, so the gym will have to wait... I had to carry my bike on the way back, and my shoulders and arms hurt horribly! It's scary that they're in SUCH a bad state... =/

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I used to excercise everyday, but I am so fatigued all the time it's ridiculous. I have no energy to go to the gym and work up a sweat. I wonder if this could be related to vitamin deficencies..particularly B12?

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