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Mutual support?

Heeeeeyyy.... I'm 25 and have been struggling with various eating disorders since 2009 (wow its scary to think it has been that long). And now bulimia has taken over and won't let go. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in chatting and providing some mutual support?! xx

Sol xo

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Welcome to the site and

Welcome to the site and here's to a new future without an ED! Well done on coming to the point where toy want to change things for the better, that's half the battle.
You can message me anytime, although chatting online I find kind of scary so I don't use IM or anything like that, but I'll get back to messages as soon as I can.
This is an amazing site for support and you'll definitely find understanding and respect here that sometimes ordinary life doesn't give those with an ED .

All the best and lots of hope for a brighter future!


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I would to support you. I've

I would to support you. I've been bulic for at least 13 years annd am desperately trying to recover.

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Absolutely! I'm 22 and it's

Absolutely! I'm 22 and it's been one ED or another for the last eight years. I check in here wqy more often than I should haha, so any time you want to talk feel free to message!

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I just joined the site today!

I just joined the site today! I hope this place has given you endless amounts of motivation and help! I have been suffering from bulimia for about five years now and lately it hasn't been close to fun, or easy living with it. Feel free to send me a message if you need anything, I'd love to chat and help best I can xo

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