My Daughters' Future Wellbeing

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My Daughters' Future Wellbeing

**** do, My eldest who is 7.5yrs old asked me "Why do you weigh everything you eat mummy?" I didnt really answer her other than to say that I shouldnt & that its not a healthy thing to do. I have another daughter who is 5.5, I make a huge effort to eat with them, I eat breakfast & tea with them every day. I accept tastes if they offer them. I work so hard at giving them a healthy diet. I have been honest in the past with questions about being sick, about being to slim, about the goals just being fit & health & that Im seeing the doctors to help me gain. Jesus I will have to talk to her properly with honesty at some point but I was hoping for another few months & more recovery progress than this. I thought I did ok but my anxiety is building. Any advice would be very welcome. I blogged this too, so apologies for the duplication...







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