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Hi I am Mike I have been a slave to Bulimia for 10 years, I have stumbled on this course and I am going to give it my best shot I am in AA recovery so must have an addictive nature
Terrified of starting a structured eating plan tomorrow, struggling to know what my trigger foods are because I am ill after most anything

Mike Mitchell

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Hi Mike, you've come to the

Hi Mike,
you've come to the right place to free yourself from Bulimia. Structured eating is a POWERFUL step - trust it. Joining this was another powerful step towards recovery. Trust that this is a process and there will be times you feel you are progressing and times you feel stalled or even that you're regressing - all normal, all good. This coming week I am going to 'fly solo' from the work I've been doing with one of the coaches within this program - it's been nearly 18 months since I joined and about 15 months since I started the coaching full program and then moved to maintenance several months ago. I still remain hesitant to say I'm 'fully recovered' though I know I am for sure in remission and recovering - I don't remember when I last binged or purged and my weight stabilized and I find I'm a conscious eater or even intuitive eater. SE was a KEY factor as was realizing I had turned off the part of my brain/body that 'got' hunger to satiety ... that comes back though! if you're in AA, you know the power of others in your recovery - use this site - consider hiring a coach (money well spent because it's on YOU) - and trust that your nature is just fine! I've started to channel my 'nature' to do things with intensity towards learning how I can get involved with advocacy to destigmatize eating disorders, especially bulimia which is so invisible to many and to stop media's place in perpetuating unrealistic body images. Know too, as a man, you are showing leadership to be here - men need role models for recovery.
Welcome to freedom from bulimia,


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