New and trying to be hopeful

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New and trying to be hopeful

I'm Nina. I'm just getting started on this site, though I joined in November. I'm hoping if I go on the site every day I will slowly start to get better.

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Good for you! hope you are

Good for you! hope you are progressing and having a good day in recovery!
Teensy :)


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Hi, nina, welcome! I've only

Hi, nina, welcome! I've only been here a short time, but I've already found new hope and new friends here. I hope you feel as welcomed as I did and you find a new security in knowing you aren't alone any more.


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Hi Nina! Great you're here!

Hi Nina! Great you're here! This page helps. Take and give as much as you want. Meeting people on the same journey to recovery is amazing and the method is ... just revolutionary, really. It all seems overwhelming at the beginning, but don't worry. Good things are coming xxx

Freckled Pony Flying

Coach Jen
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Hi Nina! Welcome to the site!

Hi Nina! Welcome to the site! I think you'll find it to be a very supporting and caring group of people!

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Welcome Nina! So proud you

Welcome Nina! So proud you have decided to help yourself! I have personally found the site very helpful in my recovery and hope that you will find the same as well! If you need a buddy to help you along the way feel free to add me!


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