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The new girl

Just starting out on my journey. I would love some support and be able to connect with you all.
It's a very scary time and I am curious how others have been brave enough to start structured eating.


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The "bravery" came from the

The "bravery" came from the realization that I would rather die than continue my life this way. Though it seems impossible I will try, and if I fail at least I tried, and if it works I can keep on living.

Before I started recovery I wanted to die. Even though I had a wonderful BF (engaged with baby nr 1 on the way now) and a loving family and a good job, and all the other things in life. I thought the only way I would escape ED was by dying. (depressing I know)
But that led me to be willing to try anything, because nothing could feel worse than I felt at that time. (ok so recovery is tough and feels terrible quite often) but worth it!

You can do it, it is worth it. The happiness that comes with being recovered is indescribable.

Life is too short to not be happy

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Hi Anna I've just started my

Hi Anna

I've just started my recovery on the 11th September and the past two weeks have been a real challenge! I promise though stick to the structured eating and it will get easier! This is coming from a girl who has had anorexia and bulimia for almost 20 years and in two weeks from getting my book I haven't b/p at all! Its gonna be a fight with the moods and emotions of over riding the urges to b/p and the thoughts are scary as hell of getting fat but focus on the food, get those structured meals in and each day will get easier :) stay strong and be determined to beat this :)

Harrii xx

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You have made the first step

You have made the first step by joining this site, Therefore you want recovery. To be able to succeed is to trust the program. But to also trust yourself. Start off where you are comfortable. But eat as often as possible because it really will stop the urges as your body realises you are not starving it. Start with safe foods then build upon it. Do not fear sis because being honest they wi happen. But every slip makes you stronger as you learn a lot about yourself and why and where your going wrong.
Al the best

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Sorry about my predictive

Sorry about my predictive text - supposed to say ' do not fear binges because being honest they will happen '

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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