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A new identity

Three year ago I lost a lot of weight & went from slightly pudgy to normal / trim. I have B/P like crazy trying to maintain it. This worked for a few years, but now the weigh is coming back.. As I get more desperate & B/P more my weight goes up. When I first lost the weight I got a LOT of positive comments & bought all new clothes & felt great. Over the past few years my friends / family, and even myself have come to identify with being a trim person. I love feeling slim & rolls of fat really feel uncomfortable to me. I was in spin class today & felt my belly hanging out (I look 7 mo pregnant now - bloat???) I'm on day 5 of another recovery attempt & this is my question... Has anyone else had to deal with how to maintain their identity while recovering? I truly don't want to be so vain that I sacrifice my health for looks, but I have come to identify with & truly enjoy being in the normal weight range. I by no means got skinny, just normal. My clothes are so tight I can't wear most of them, and I am fighting the urge to cut back on what I eat but I know I will then feel the need to binge it will start all over...

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The longer we BP the smarter

The longer we BP the smarter our bodies get at hanging onto the food that goes in and hence the weight gain. One thing I did is buy some nice yoga pants and other exercise pants that were comfortable with bloat weight. These clothes will fit when you lose some of this initial weight later.

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