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New to it all...

So I just found this website like 20 minutes ago and decided I should join.... its weird because absolutely no one knows about my ED as far as I know... I was reading what other people were writing and wanted to comment but had such a hard time even thinking of saying anything to anyone because although this website is as anonymous as it can get it still meant that I had to admit to myself that I had a serious enough of a problem to know I need help. I have been dealing with this completely alone for the past six years and I need to stop, even though I still have no idea how, and cant really imagine my life without my ED. I will make the change though, I just wanted to share what I was feeling. Hi to everyone!!!

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Hi and welcome! I am pretty

Hi and welcome! I am pretty new as well. I love this website because it is the missing piece in my recovery. It allows me to share my thoughts and feelings and most of all relate to everyone's stories. For me the hardest part has been reaching out and this has been a great way for me to find the support i need. I get up every morning and make sure I read at least 5 posts and respond to 2. I journal every night and record every day and it really really helps. I have made a lot of progress in my recovery seeing as at one point I was at a very very bad place in the eating disorder, so if you have any questions or need support please feel free to ask!

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