New, nervous and hopeful - anyone also new looking for a buddy for motivation?

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New, nervous and hopeful - anyone also new looking for a buddy for motivation?

Hi guys - I feel like I know a lot of you already!

I've been visiting this wonderful site for the past 2 weeks and after a horrendous day spent B/P and feeling utterly shameful/hopeless/guilty, I have decided to get involved. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the programme's founders, supporters and members and I'm really hoping we can reclaim our lives back - together!

If anyone has recently joined and is looking for a buddy, please do get in touch. I have wonderful friends and family who are incredibly supportive and I am very thankful for them but try as they do, they struggle to understand sometimes. It would be lovely to have a recovery buddy so we can hopefully provide mutual support and understanding.

Looking forward to getting to know you inspirational people better over the coming months. I sooo want to start living again and we're in this together eh?

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Hi there, I just joined

Hi there, I just joined today after a tough week of b/p and would love to start fresh and have a support buddy. Still trying to figure out the site so not sure the best forum for contact for this purpose but would love to support. This is a tough journey!

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I'd like a buddy too - I find

I'd like a buddy too - I find the support from this site really helpful! Great to have you involved (-:

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Hello, I've just joined


I've just joined today, and would love some support and be supportive as well. I've never talked to anyone about this, and it feels really weird to be doing so..


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Hey there! I too started 3

Hey there! I too started 3 months ago n wud love some support! Hang in there as everyday gets better n joyful

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Hey, if any of you live in

Hey, if any of you live in the US and have iMessage, let me know. :)
I read the eBook for this program a few months ago but just now started using the social features. I'm already super encouraged and am feeling optimistic about where things are headed. You guys are awesome.

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Talking to you guys who

Talking to you guys who really understand and are so inspirational gives me hope
Thank you! :)

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Hey! I am looking for a

Hey! I am looking for a support buddy too :)
Where are you from?!

Sol xo

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