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New to this program

Hi I'm Marian, from Mexico... I've been dealing with bulimia issues since I was 14 or probably a little earlier than that... now I'm 27, and I'm really tired of trying everything....
I'm really happy because I found this program, and to hear from others their full recovery... and mmm I don't know what else can I say....
Sometimes I really doubt if there is really a way out, but I really want to believe there is... because this is not life... I never have energy, and always thinking of food, and the way I'm gonna purge, I never have money, 'cause I spend everything I have buying food... I had to cancel all my credit cars, 'cause I only used the to buy food, money I didn't even have... so I really hope my life can change, because this is not life.... I feel like a walking death....






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