New site versus Old site - thoughts?

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New site versus Old site - thoughts?

Hi everyone,
A couple of us were wondering how you all feel about this site and the new one. As the other one is in the process of being made, if there were any concerns we could voice them to Richard Kerr.
I personally would be very sad if we lost this site altogether as its been such a help to me, well a lifeline really. I love the way its laid out and easy to distinguish 'forums' from 'blogs' and 'profile pages'. I know we are all grateful to the founders of the Bulimia Help Mthod, its just I think if you have any concerns about loosing something so important its best to voice them.


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In comparison to both sites I

In comparison to both sites I much prefer this one. I feel this is more user friendly, and more like a proper recovery programme as opposed to a social recovery site.

The blog tab I feel will be a huge loss at the new site. Yes I know there is a recovery journal on new site however its not quite as easy to scroll through each new entry and on this site you can read a heading then decide if u want to read it or make comment. Also so much more convienant to use than a forum for speed and a quick scroll through.

The forum is easier to use on this site as well.

The articles tab along the top I love. It has helped me out many a time when I have had a specific topic/event I need help or to keep focus on. Will these be made available on new site??

The profile descriptions- its nice to get a brief background and some info before you choose to connect with someone, I have found many friends of similar age and background stories with whom I really relate. Be good to keep!

The recovery tools are not available on new site either. These I have tried and used a lot esp at beginning of my recovery. I feel as though we will be loosing out on a lot in this new site.

I don't like the fact its set up like Facebook and you can 'like' something. Or the status bit as its more likely pointless statuses will be posted since its set up the same as other social networking sites.

Sorry Richard to be a moan. I personally think an upgrade to the site rather than an entire new site would have been for the best. The new site may be good for newcomers or younger ones but for the long term ppl I have my doubts.

Again, sorry I'm jst passing on my feedback.
This site has helped me enormously, changed my life actually. It will be sad to lose out on something that has had such a dramtic impact on my life. If both sites could somehow merge halfway that would be perfect.
But I have my doubts about a social networking site for Bulimics!

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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I agree with Angel, this site

I agree with Angel, this site is much more user friendly and the drop down easy access to the food diary, blog and messages is missing on the new site. I am familiar with how to find new posts and love the easy way we can follow new topics in the forums and find the new site is lacking the same fluidity and ease of use.

I know you have worked really hard to try and update to a new site, but please don't be too quick to change over to it as this one has been such a valuable tool to so many and it would be a shame to lose it. If I'd been a new user to the new site, I'd have been reluctant to stick around since a lot of the things I find so helpful and supportive are missing, such as the articles, profile info on users etc.

I also find the site hard to navigate and have missed comments from others as they are not obvious when logging on who's made new comments etc.

I don't want to moan either, but I love the old site and it's set me on my recovery road and would hate to see it go. Is there a way you can just update this old one and keep all the valuable info and support?


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I agree with all of you. And

I agree with all of you. And I find the 'activity' tab frustrating because it only seems to include status updates and most of what I'm looking for is difficult to find because I basically have to dig up every comment I've made to look for replies. Just that in itself is enough to make me prefer this site.

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You put that well. Elsie! I

You put that well. Elsie! I was trying to think of a way to say I felt I was digging around in case of replies, but didn't know how. You hit the nail on the head there!


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I would never want this site

I would never want this site to disappear, This site is what has helped me recover. Also Recovery is not a social thing, It's tough and hard, I don't think making it more like a social media site will help those in recovery. I think we should keep the integrity of Bulimia Help and not turn into something else because it's modern. This site is straight to the point and I like that, recovery is messy, we need structure in our lives and this site has that as it is.

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What a great post above.

What a great post above. Simple but to the point.
I'm about 3 quarters recovered I would say. And like you said. I would hate to see the end of such a helpful programme which has been the most inspiring and uplifting thing I have ever done for myself. This site has changed my life.

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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