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New - Want to make friends and build support network

Hi everyone

I've struggled with bulimia for almost 10 years now and - other than telling my good friend 2 weeks ago - this is first time I've really owned up to it. It used to be something that I thought I could turn on and off, but I feel like I'm now completely under its control. I'm tired of doing it alone, and am keen to meet others in the network who also want to beat it, and hopefully share the road to recovery with them.

A little about myself

I'm 25 and have been struggling with bulimia on and off since I was 16/17. One year ago, it hit really bad when I went overseas. I didn't have a lot to occupy myself with and would sit in front of the computer or tv and just eat. I would feel so guilty afterwards and make myself sick. This continued for about a month, becoming almost a daily thing. I managed to get it more under control when I met up with my friend, who I'd be travelling with. By the time I returned home, although I had gained weight, I had not binged and purged for about 2 months. However, I became determined to turn a new page and lose all the weight I'd gained. I tried all sorts of diets - shakes, smoothies, calorie counting, restrictive food type diets - and they worked for a while, but I eventually fell back into binging and purging. Lately, I've been on a spiral downward into what feels like a bottomless pit. I come home after work and resign myself to my daily binge and purge session. I'm eating more and more, thinking that it's OK - it'll all come out when I purge. I want to escape from the darkness, and walk in the light.

Looking forward to meeting you all


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Hi! I would love to chat and

Hi! I would love to chat and have a support buddy. I am trying to get myself back into my recovery. I was doing well back in march and April, and then I let myself fall into the same old trap of restricting which brought me right back to binging again. I feel like I need a buddy to check in with and share my story. Hope today is a good day in your process.


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