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Night snack

Is it necessary to eat a night snack? This is traditionally a time for Binging for me, even a small planned snack is a trigger for one thing right after another - mindless eating in front of the TV. I finish eating dinner by 6pm and try to get to bed early (before 10) because I am up early. So is it okay to make dinner the last meal? Curious to hear what others do here, thanks!

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I eat my evening meal around

I eat my evening meal around 630 - 7pm. The im in bed around 930 most evenings because I start work early.
I don't have a snack in the evening.
Im on average breakfast - 615am - Snack - 10am - Lunch - 1230pm - Snack 415pm then evening meal 630pm
So no I don't feel an evening snack is necessary providing you are eating enough calories in total for the meals and snacks you are having.
SE is individual to each and every persons lifestyle, needs and wants - make the programme work in the way that is best for you, you don't need to follow it to the key!

Hope this helps!

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