no diet pills please!

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no diet pills please!

I thought that using diet pills would make me want to eat less, therefore not making me want to binge and purge... Buut then I didn't eat at all, plus I was taking 5-8 a day. Then this morning I woke up and started throwing up and soon I was dry heaving and my head was hurting really badly and I was afraid my esophogus was going to break in half... Then I looked at the pill lable that I had been taking and it said not to have it instead of food, not to exceed 4 pills a day, and also to be really healthy before taking them.. I know that they were bad to take now, but I need to come up with the strength to throw them away...

Any suggestions?


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oh no hope your felling

oh no hope your felling better, the thing ,theres really no point taaking diet pills as they actually have very little effect on weigh control, most effects are placebo and in your case it's from not eating.

not good honey, hope your felling better soon, ditch the pills. x x x

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I am also struggling with

I am also struggling with separating from the diet pills. I get the courage to throw them away, and then somehow I end up buying more. When I take them, I don't binge/purge. I figure that is better aka lesser of two evil. Advice?

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A few months ago I had been

A few months ago I had been taking diet pills, not so much to suppress my appetite or lose weight, but because I remember when I had taken them when I worked at a gym that sold them (we were supposed to push them on our clients and I can't in good conscious sell something I haven't tried or don't believe in), I got legitimately sick once while I was trying them and how nasty it was coming up and then when the bulimia reared it's nasty head months later taking them averted me from binging and purging. At that stage of my bulimia, it didn't help at all. I'd be lying if I said I didn't still have some, but it's been ages since I've taken them, it's more for when I'm dragging butt than anything else. I should probably just pitch them but I don't know if I can because they were so dang expensive.

Every time before losing my weight that I took diet pills on a regular basis, I would experience what I like to call the +5 theory. I'd shed some weight fairly quickly but eventually I would stop taking them or they would just stop working, then I would gain everything back plus 5 pounds. I have found that with any diet or weight loss scheme other than good old fashioned eating healthy and exercising in moderation.
Totally not worth it in the long run.

~Hoping to find Liberation from Desperation~

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NOT worth it. Not only are

NOT worth it. Not only are they risky for a healthy person, but if you're also bingeing and purging, there is a very big risk of seizures, heart attacks, brain damage, and stroke. Remember that bingeing and purging mess up the electrolytes in our bodies and is dehydrating in itself. Most diet pills have ingredients that act as diuretics (make you lose water weight) and some have compounds that mess with your brain chemicals. Steer clear of these, you don't want those compounds in your system.

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