No help from doctors or dietitians

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No help from doctors or dietitians

**Hope this isn't triggering for anyone. I don't specifically mention weight numbers but I do talk about my body size and eating very briefly**

After all these years, I am still struggling with what once was bulimia then it changed to just binge eating and in the last week, I have started purging regularly again. I am weary and have tried to get help from various places over the years.

My last encounter with a dietitian included her telling me to take a lot of Benefiber so I'm not hungry. She is the dietitian that counsels all the ED patients at a local hospital and I saw her as an outpatient because my weight doesn't put me in the low weight category so I don't qualify for her services on a regular basis, not that I really want to now that I hear her advice. I can always eat so I don't think fullness would stop me from using food the way I do.

My other encounter was with a neurologist who I was referred to because I may be having a type of seizure. He totally focused the appointment on my weight, not the seizure, and was so excited to prescribe Topamax because it would cause me to lose a lot of weigh as it suppresses your appetite.

Are there really no professionals who know how to deal with my problem in a way that doesn't involve telling me to go on a diet, fill up on something else or take this drug so you can just stop eating completely. Yeah, that will solve your problem.

So discouraged this is still haunting me after all these years and all the professionals seem to offer dumb advice.

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A dietitian I met while going

A dietitian I met while going through recovery didn't tell me anything like that, What she said was:

Get an understanding of what is a real serving of food, Don't be scared of the plate.
She had be look a a picture with 5 different servings of the same type of food, and asked me which one I thought was "normal"

f.ex. A Plate with 1 potato and two meat balls, 2 potatoes and 3 meatballs, or 3 potatoes and 5 meatballs, etc.

I always chose the smaller one, or at least the middle one, when actually from 1-5, number 4 was actually the correct amount needed for a normal, healthy person.

Also that standard plates are made for standard servings. So if you have a regular dinner plate, and serve it not heaping, but full to it's actual capacity, that is what is needed for you. you = a healthy, happy, normal human being. :-)

Sadly I don't have the pictures to put it into perspective, perhaps I could take some myself, but I hope you get the concept.

All the best!

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Hope you're okay lovely! I

Hope you're okay lovely! I had a terrible experience with a dietician who obviously knew nothing about EDs and even my doctor (who is lovely and helpful) has said some weird things. I'm almost through medical school and I can tell you that at least in Australia, doctors learn NOTHING about EDs. Maybe psychiatrists know more, but your average GP really doesnt know much about it. Medical students also dont learn much about nutrition and the only message we get is 'get the patient to lose weight' which is a terrible way of practicing medicine. Medicine should be about health not weight/BMI/body size.

Try not to be too discouraged! I think things are slowly changing as EDs become more well understood and the whole 'obesity epidemic' is being debunked - read about 'Health at every size' if you are interested. I plan to work with people with EDs when I am fully qualified (and recovered) and this website is an awesome recovery tool that will enable us to be ambassadors for people with EDs eventually!


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Thank you both for your

Thank you both for your responses. That was a very different response than what I received from the dietitian. Like what was mentioned, I think medical professionals have been trained to just address weight, and if the person is over the weight they should be, getting them to stop eating or go on a diet is their answer.

So that leaves me back to discover the answer on my own, and really, maybe that's not such a bad thing. I think I know what I need to do. I am feeling better this morning. Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations.

All the best!

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