No purging meant no binging

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No purging meant no binging

I've just had a brand new experience with the issue of a binge - I was able to head one off by reminding myself that I wouldn't be allowed to starve myself tomorrow. I've never stopped a binge before - ever. This program of scheduled eating and a commitment to no "purging" is the first time I've felt a shift. It's only been 2 days, but what a neat tool I've been given. (Not sure if this post belong here or the Blogs...)


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Hi ALCF, I am in awe of how


I am in awe of how well and how fast the structured eating worked for me too. I did do a mini-binge the first day or two but did not purge and ate on schedule the next day. I haven't had even an urge to binge for a week now and, of course, with no binge, there is no need to purge. I love this program.

granny goat
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P.S. Kudos for stopping the

P.S. Kudos for stopping the binge! That helps retrain the brain to get rid of those urges.

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Congratsies! I too have been

Congratsies! I too have been able to stop the binge urge in its tracks recently and it feels finger-lickin' good.

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