Not at all sure about this

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Not at all sure about this

Hi all. I'm Lydia, and I hate social media. Why did I end up trying this program when it is mostly just that, from what I can tell? Because I'm f-in' desperate, is why. I've been bulimic for over 25 years, since I hit puberty, and it just isn't how I want to live any more. I can't even call it living. I'm alone, I'm broke, and I've used 'the best years of my life' on b/p. Now I have a choice- retain my ED and 'control' into my 40's. or change my habits. Any one out there who want to be buds with a somewhat cynical newcomer is more than welcome. I'm scared.

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Hi! I think that it is normal


I think that it is normal not being sure to be here.....everybody, here, had lost the hope. I'm not yet recovery. I started the program in may, and I did it because I was desesperated so I thought that I didn't have anything more to lose.

I'm pretty glad with this. It's been 4 months since I purged the last time. I still bingeing, but LESS than before, I experimented a big reduction in bingeing. Now I still working in this, trying to believe that I can be FREE of this sh**!

Maybe you're scared because you don't want to gain weight....Everyone here has have the same fear. But I can tell you that in the beginning it's challenging but it's something that you can handle. I was bloat (even if my weigth was the same) but in 4 months I lost weigth gradually and the bloat is gone.

Use the blog to share your feelings and thoughts. Also you can look for advice, there're a lot of people who has overcame similar fears.

Read the E-book and don't lose the hope :)



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Hi Lydia, I feel the same way

Hi Lydia,
I feel the same way about social media! In fact, i've had this account for a month now and last night was my first time ever to post. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I am to the point i will try anything to get better. I don't want to give my life to ED either. And we really don't have to! I still think we have a long road ahead of us with recovery, but maybe if we do it with all the other people here, it will become a little less bumpy. Worth a try anyways. So far from what i've seen, everyone here is really supportive and loving. It's nice to talk about these things with people who understand you because they've experienced it themselves. Just know you're definitely not alone! We all want to change, we're all a little scared, and we all just want to be cured. If you ever need some encouragement, send me a message!

Jewels :)

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