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Maybe this is not a good idea here...I feel like I´m getting lost in bulimic problems and thoughts. maybe I should focus more in my outside world? On a world without bulimia. Probably this sounds really unfair...what are your thoughts? Does this community really FREE you from bulimia?


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I get what your

I get what your saying...focusing on recovery all the time isn't healthy either. That why its important to remember thet you 'suffer from' Bulimia but it isn't who 'you are' . you can focus on and have a normal life while also working on recovery at the same time. Don't let Bulimia be the all and everything. Have a life, work, study whatever, do normal things, see friends and family. Recovery is a continuous thing, always there but not the forefront of your life. Life isn't recovery. Recovery is 'part' of it. Hope you understand the point im making.
Im at a struggling point in my recovery journey however I fully credit this site, because although I have had a set back I have never been more positive, hopeful, grateful and knowledgeable of what It takes and what I need to do in order to recover. Don't give up on this community altogether. Its about having a good balance...the main thing is if your at a loss or low point, there is always someone here to offer a helping hand.

All the best x

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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