NOT normal pain. What is this?

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NOT normal pain. What is this?

If I ever kept anything down it never hurt... and never gas.

As of 2 days ago I have had this SHARP pain in my lower abdomen. I have been sooo gassy and unable to have a bowel movement. It hurts allll the time but when I try to eat it becomes 1 miiiilion times worse. My stomach buuurns and cramps... like labor pains. I can feel the bubbles down in my lower abdomen forming. Not to mention the extreme bloat... even with the smallest piece of food.

Something is seriously wrong. The pain is extremely unbearable... my mom is coming to take me to the doctor tomorrow - im so scared to find how what he is going to tell me i have.

What do you think? Anyone experienced this?

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Although I have not

Although I have not experienced this myself, it sounds as though you could be constipated. If you continue to eat when constipated and are unable to have bowel movements, then you continually stay blocked until you relieve yourself naturally or by medical means. This could potentially be a serious problem so definitely get medical help as soon as you can.

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