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Kelly, I read your post and

Kelly, I read your post and I'm impressed with you for being so brave and honest. It was definitely way more than bulimia that you had to disclose with your husband, and I'm happy to hear love was stronger and you are both working it out now.
I've had eating disorders for over 20 years, and I could never have a relationship that lasted more than 4 years. I always ended up breaking up and leaving them.
Coming to terms with my bulimia, and consequently, seeking for help, I found this site and its method, and it's chaning my life.
I just cannot thank God enough. I always thought all was lost for me on this aspect.
I have been by myself for the past 2 years and I met a very nice guy recently. We are totally into each other, and yesterday, in less than a month since we met, I told him about me being a bulimic in recovery.
It's a huge step for me, and only my shrink and my sister knows about this. I don;t dare tell anybody else, because everybody has high expectations from me, and I don't want to let them down.
But I have suffered so much in many ways throughout my life, that after recovering from bulimia, having a long lasting relationship, has been my number one goal in life. And with this man I met, we are so deeply connected, and we understand each other, I felt like being totally honest about myself, and thought: well, if he gets scared and walks away, he wasn't the right man! But turns out, he didn't run away yet, and is being incredibly supportive and touched.
It relieved me in so many ways, and I think I can build the realtionship I always wanted by being honest about my eating disorder.
But to get here, I had to be honest to myself first.
Bulimia makes us feel ashamed and embarassed and it's logic that we don't want to tell anybody. This site gave me the chance to be myself 100% open about it, and the support is making wonders in my recovery!
So here's to everybody on this site, and in the world, suffering from this horrid thing, praying we can recover, because we deserve a better life, and it's a moment away from us if we truly try it!


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Dear girl, you are really

Dear girl, you are really inspiring. How easy it is to just hide away and not deal with our relationships. Get angry at them because we are angry inside. I relate so much to your post, and I've gotta admit, telling my husband has been so good for me. Of course, there are still things I'd rather keep from him, I get worried he'll read into so much, but from my experience, they don't react even 30% of how we expect. It's a wonderful thing honesty. Especially in a marriage. What can see hopeless and forever lost, can be sparked again, ignited, with just a gentle admission of our mistakes. I am going to be celebrating my first wedding anniversary tomorrow binge purge free. That's been four years of emotional wreckage and distance. There were good times we had yes, but getting honest, working on me, has given us an actual relationship. Not just two people living together anymore, we are a team, connected to do life together, in the good and bad. Your marriage is a gift, and through both of you, you have a strength that will continue to deepen and grow, no matter what battles come. I am inspired by you. Your willingness to work on this, face it, shows me how brave and wonderful you are. I love your enthusiasm here for changes in your life. Keep it up girly. Something beautiful is at work here. Xx

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Wow! Thanks for the awesome

Wow! Thanks for the awesome responses, ladies!! It's amazing how powerful honesty is! I have NEVER been open about this to anyone and I think the secrecy and shame fueled my disease. Now that I have told all of you and come clean to my husband I know I have the support and knowledge to recover.

Larissa, I totally second your team comment. Bulimia forced me to hide and push my husband away to continue my terrible habits. Now, I feel so much closer to him. We are a team again, and it is very helpful. I hope you have the most wonderful anniversary! Please share the details!

RunnerSpirit, I am so glad you have found a wonderful person to share with as well. I am so glad you have the support and are able to connect with someone. I know how scary it is to tell someone, but can't imagine telling a person who is new to my life. You are very courageous!


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