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Hi Kelly, It's kind of empty

Hi Kelly,

It's kind of empty around here today, so I wanted to say hi so you wouldn't wonder if anyone else is here. We would make an odd pair of recovery buddies, since I am on the opposite end of the spectrum athletically. I'm 72 and have had five orthopedic surgeries, which have left me in less than elite athletic condition. Then yesterday, I slipped and fell on the ice and injured my good arm.

But we do have this curse of bulimia in common. If you stick with the structured eating for a couple of days, you will start feeling much calmer and more in control. It doesn't take long to feel the effect on your mind and body if you make yourself eat every three hours. For me, it took away the purging urges right away and took away the bingeing urges very soon after that.

I got a great feeling of freedom right away just feeling like I was eating normal amounts and not purging. And then it just gets better and better the longer you stick to the SE. I haven't gotten beyond that point yet. I expect to do the SE for a few weeks more at least before I start trying intuitive eating.

Stay tuned. People come and go here. There should be more activity some time today.


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Hi Kelly, I also want to say

Hi Kelly,
I also want to say HI to you and wish you to be strong and patient with yourself at the beginning of your recovery.

I strongly confirm what Carol wrote above.
Stick to SE. Eat at every 3 hours. It will help enormously.
Even you will still feel the need to overeat and to purge, don't give up. It will go away, if you continue with SE.
Repeat to yourself it is normal. You cannot just stop after so many of Bulimia.
Be patient with yourself and don't beat yourself if you slip.
I started my third week of recovery. Only in my first week I felt the need 2 times to B&P. Especially during the evening.
Last week, I had for the first time in the last 19 years, 7 days without B&P.
In the first week I had to struggle with bloating and water retention. But in the second week my face and legs look normal and bloating and stomachaches disappeared.
It is not very pleasant...but I repeated to myself that it is normal and my body tries to find its way to normality. And it didn't disappoint me.
I am still amazed how my urges to binge and then purge disappeared. After 19 years of bulimia, when I used to eat only a small breakfast for me and all the other meals I could not tolerate them in my stomach. The need to purge was like automatic, after every meal(it didn't matter the quantities). With this I had to fight also in my first week. Even I ate normal quantities of food every 3 hours, I had to struggle a little with the feeling of having food in my stomach and not to get rid by it.

Keep going with SE. Trust in it and don't give up. Write on this forum all you have in mind, release yourself by the stress. We understand you and we will do our best to support you.

@Carol: I am sooo sorry you injured your arm. Hope you feel better now. Take care by you. Many hugs to you, to make you to feel better and to forget about the pain.



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@carol and @anmu thank you so

@carol and @anmu thank you so much for writing to me! I wholeheartedly appreciate the advice and encouragement. You've both been really motivating. I'm heading to work today and there are a lot of triggers there for me, so I will keep you both in mind!


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