OCD and Bulimia Link?

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OCD and Bulimia Link?

Hey everyone,

I am currently delaying what could potentially be a binge...anyway, I had serious issues with obsessive-compulsive disorder when I was a child...the whole hand-washing, lock-checking, self-doubt, needs-to-be-written-in-a-certain-way [the list could go on for about 4 pages] shabang. I feel like bulimia is just another expression of my OCD...anyone else in the same boat?

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I struggles with OCD as a kid too! I used to have to count to 3 before I did certain things, or go throw phases of saying certain words every once in a while or, well you know haha just weird little things.

But there is DEFINITELY a strong link between OCD and bulimia. My counselor told me actually. There is also a strong link between bulimia and being a kleptomaniac (stealing), because it is the same compulsive attitude that drives you to do it.

I still struggle a bit with OCD, like checking my alarm clocks a billion times before bed, lock-checking, heater/electrical outlet checking. I'm also a huge perfectionist, everything has to be neat and organized, and lined up perfectly. If I'm writing a note to someone, and I'm almost done but the "g" or some other letter or word isn't perfect, I throw the paper away and start again.

You just have to say "enough" this is the OCD talking, and I refuse to give in. Sometimes it is difficult though because people with OCD tend to think something terrible will happen if they don't abide by their "rules" and for things like heater checking and stove top checking, something bad could happen if you left them on, but you only need to check once. What I do now is REALLY make a point of checking once, and making a mental note "Okay, I have checked that my stove is off, now I don't need to look again".

Glad I'm not alone!

Do you ever wonder if your bulimia is just part of your OCD or if it is entirely separate?

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I have switched from ocd type

I have switched from ocd type housework & cleaning & good parenting (and a little self harm) to occupy me & distract me from ruminating & compulsive thoughts to bulimia :( still have all the ruminating & compulsive thoughts but now they are about food instead :(


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