Once I start I can't stop

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Once I start I can't stop

Seriously most of the time I find that once I start eating I literally can't stop!!!
Help!!! Any tips advice at all much appreciated!

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Can you eat with someone?

Can you eat with someone? Away from home? I had the same problem when I started recovery and one of the best strategies for me was to stay on campus as much as possible and only buy carbs like crackers etc. (generally produce was okay... generally) from the vending machines (we actually had some pretty good choices in ours). The frugal part of myself told me that it was more expensive, but it's a heck of a lot less than binging. I even took my breakfast outside sometimes. I had to have things pre-portioned out. As in, there WASN'T any more. I tried dividing the food into individual portion sizes in Ziploc baggies when I first got it, but it didn't work. I also HAD to open and sample everything I bought every time I went grocery shopping. It was a problem. I couldn't be around food. My food was a trigger. My roommates' food was a trigger. EVERYTHING was a trigger. So I had to take my eating somewhere else where an outside force could control my portions and social pressures would keep me from going crazy. I realize you can't do that for every meal, but with time you will be able to handle eating on your own again and in the meantime use every resource you have. I hope this helps!

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