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Our Special Secret

Does anyone else just feel a little bit smug about what they've learned about the dangers of restricting?

When I watch girls in the office calorie counting and talking about their latest sugar free protein bars and what not, I can't help but feel sorry for them now. Sure they may not be bulimic (and some have envious figures!) but I can clearly see the obsessive-calorie-slave-fad-diet-deprovation behaviour that I gave up 9 (9!) weeks ago. I could never go back to that. Ever!

I think when times get tough in recovery we need to remind ourselves how much we've let go, and how much our lives are better because of it.

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No one else wants to hear it,

No one else wants to hear it, though. I always think of the emporer's new clothes and how we're all like the little boy yelling "he's naked!" Diets are a no-win game. And when people around me talk about them and I question them (like when they say Weight Watchers worked the first time so they're doing it again, and I ask why they have to do it again if it worked the first time and they give me that dumb stare), they don't want to hear the truth.

The body image thing is tough, but part of me feels like it's so prevalent that even if I wasn't ED, I'd still have it. The women in your office are a good example; are the ones with good figures on diets? Do they love their bodies?

And even if I don't think my body rocks all the time, it is SO much easier to deal with those issues when I'm not b/p. Like I've told some friends, I might not love the way I look, but I am so much happier now that it doesn't matter as much or as often.

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To me it feels so good to

To me it feels so good to know when i wake up my first thought isn't that I should be on a diet. I always felt restriction was a good thing and that lead to a lot of disappointment. To have the freedom to eat is wonderful. Eat anything at all. Everyone knows diets don't work but we all live in perpetual hope. Who is a normal eater these days? Well hopefully us in a little while!!!

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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HA yes! It's a strange

HA yes! It's a strange feeling to sit there with a bag of lollies and watch everyone else dig in cause they haven't eaten enough food all day, and I genuinely don't want it because I'm eating enough! NEVER thought that would happen...
One awesome side-effect of SE!!!


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