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Over Sensitivity

So, on monday I saw a psychiatrist for my ED review.

He was great & started at the beginnning with me, asking me what I thought my problems were & then goign through what he thought my problems are, he said much of it has its roots in low self esteem & over sensitivity.

I was like What on earth is Over sensitivity, isnt it just like a personality trait? Not really understanding the term I thought Id look it up - Here is some of what I discovered....

Over sensitivity is being over affected by an external influence that can hardly affect normal people, for example not being able to tolerate Constructive criticism that other people normally tolerate.

The life of an over sensitive person is much different than the life of other people, simple because the over sensitive person feels the pain in an exaggerated way and so has problems tolerating it.

Over sensitive people are more likely to have bad moods, to get depressed and to be moody because their mode changes whenever any small event happen. An emotionally sensitive person is like a fragile person, or a person who is labeled "handle with care". The biggest problem is that people don't have enough knowledge sometimes to realize that they are dealing with an emotionally sensitive person and so they may cause him lots of pain without realizing this.

Over sensitivity and Emotional wounds
If you tried to put some water on a fresh wound you will feel pain, that’s because when we develop a wound we tend to become over sensitive to factors that didn’t use to harm us before, And the same goes with emotional wounds, being rejected as a child, lacking self confidence and having self image problems are all examples of unhealed wounds that can make you over sensitive to things that others just don’t notice.

Some people are more sensitive to criticism and to being mistreated than others. Emotional sensitivity is a very common trait but it always remains one of the private secrets that the person never tells anybody about, and as a result those sensitive people are usually hurt by others who don’t notice that they are dealing with sensitive people

Signs Of Over Sensitivity
•Face Features: You can spot a sensitive person from his face features. He will usually have delicate face features like a tiny chin and thin eye brows. Sensitive people usually have wide eyes too. These conclusions are based on face reading so make sure you pay the face reading section a visit in case you want to know more details about it. Note that the presence of the tiny features assert the presence of emotional sensitivity but the absence of the features reveals nothing.
•Body Shape: If the person’s body type is Ectomorph then he is over sensitive. The Ectomorph body type is characterized by having small muscles, slim limbs and lighter bones. For more information on body types check out the body types article
•Staying in the Comfort Zone: we all hate change and we all like stability but sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones in order to achieve our goals. When a person stays in his comfort zone forever then this usually means that the person is oversensitive. Because in this case his over sensitivity makes him unable to tolerate the emotional change associated with changing what he is used to
•Avoiding physical activities: Over sensitive people are peace lovers, they don’t like to exert much physical efforts and they hate fights. They prefer to do any other peaceful activity rather than being involved in a violent sport or a fight.
•Being unable to tolerate criticism: Everyone dislikes critics but for an over sensitive person a small critical comment could leave him angry for days. When you notice that a person gets hurt from any small critical comment then know that most probably he is over sensitive

Relevent to me in many ways, examples:
For years after my 1st baby was born & I had really severe but undiagnosed PND I felt like every tiny thing my hubby did that was inconsiderate or even just unthinking was him saying 'I dont love you', 'Your needs dont matter', 'I simply dont care', 'You dont matter' or a variation on that theme. Every day was filled with pain. Anti depressents have really helped with this. I believe my therapy to address self esteem & lack of self compassion will also have a massive impact.

An aquaintance was expecting triplets. She had 2 girls & a little boy. The baby boy died. I was beside myself for weeks, felt so much pain for her, was beside myself, obsessed by how much pain she must be in if this was how I felt, obsessed with ideas of how i might be able to help....

I have never had a job interview & have worked for my dad my whole life....COMFORT ZONE

Tolerate critism - Perfectionism & unrealistic goals - absolutely anything to avoid critism - me to a T

Anyway, I hope you found this interesting, I am certainly finding my compassion towards this, my 'perceived' fault. I hope some of you also found it interesting - I would welcome others opinions, insight & experiences too

Much of this information is lifted from the websight http://www.2knowmyself.com/


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Yea i think I am definitely

Yea i think I am definitely that kind of person too. When I was young... if I saw anyone get hurt, i felt so emotionally hurt for them, and would think about it after and it would make me really sad... I do also think that there is a blessing in being this way... I think we can also appreciate beauty in little things that other dont... and feel more emotion from music and movies, and art, etc... or maybe that is just me.

The walls we build around us
to keep out the sadness
also keep out the joy.

Jim Rohn

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Another case of chicken vs

Another case of chicken vs the egg here, I've noticed that since my ED started I've been way more sensitive then usual. To the point where my brain turns positive feedback into negatives. I've always been a pretty emotional person, with a lot of empathy for others as well. Bulimia seems to have intensified those feelings for me. Example: about a week ago, my 16month old daughter spilt my glass of water on the floor. Instead of cleaning up and moving on, I started crying thinking she did it because she hates me. Logically I know she adores me, and was just exploring her surroundings, but at the time it was very hard to see that.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing this

Wow! Thanks for sharing this joblogs.

I have always had the 'overly empathetic' aspect of my personality, especially when it comes to other people's pain. It is almost like I cannot separate it as someone else's pain and not mine. This can cause a lot of stress because when you take on other peoples stress and add it to your own you feel so overwhelmed. In my case, this leads to resentment and I find myself closing off to these people because they just make me feel so awful. Granted, there are people who push their problems onto you more than others.. but I am just super sensitive to others pain. Sometimes it seems to me that I am uncaring.. but I don't think that is the case. If I didn't care I wouldn't get so emotionally charged when people (mostly family) talk to me about their constant stress.

My ED has made me more sensitive too. But I think that ties into the low self esteem that is caused my an eating disorder.

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I think I might have this

I think I might have this too...wow, til now I just thought I was a super compassionate person. Like balancingact said, I feel others pain as if they were my own, too. Thats why I went vegan, because I couldnt bear the pain that the animals must have gone through dying. It sucks to care. I wish I didnt.

Just keep going, no matter what.

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