Overcoming evening-sugar URGES

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Overcoming evening-sugar URGES

Its so easy in the morning.
Its really okey during the day. Time of meals is fixed - I can easily wait for the next meal/snack hour.
BUT in the evening great, specially sugar cravings are coming. And its definitly not because I dont provide sth to my body. It's just a very strong habit. And this habit is very difficult to overcome.

Anyone have any advice how to not follow evening urges? I would be very grateful for any suppor...

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Hey. I found it's useful to

Hey. I found it's useful to find something that you enjoy doing, such as watching a film, etc.
I also have the similar problem, you are not alone. And sometimes, I just feel so tired of the restricting meal plan, so would want to binge eating even though i already ate a lot during the day.
Best wishes

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Maybe try chewing on gum,

Maybe try chewing on gum, sucking on some sugar free candy , keep busy and distracted. Go to bed early even if its just to read or watch a movie. Evenings and free time are the most common triggers.

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