Overcoming Mind binge urge

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Overcoming Mind binge urge

Please can anyone suggest any mind binge urge diffusing methods? I am severely depressed so am vulnerable at the moment.
Thanks, and here's to recovery x

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1. Tidy your room..... my

1. Tidy your room..... my philosophy is tidy room, tidy mind. And listen to some feel good music whilst you do it :)
2. Take a hot shower
3. Meditation - just listen to some calming music and repeat a positive affirmation ("I am calm and in control").... try focusing on your breathing by putting your hand on your chest
4. CROCHET!! Haha sounds weird but its SUCH a good distraction!!
5. Go on Pinterest and find some inspirational or motivational quotes
6. Listen to the radio and do a Sudoku or crossword or something.....
7. Self care..... do some yoga, or pilates, or simple stretching

I think the most important thing to remember is that even diffusing the binge by 5 or 10 minutes is progress. I know it sucks to relapse but be kind to yourself and remember that any amount of diffusion is still progress :) You can do this!!

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