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Hi everyone. I'm looking for other people's experiences with overeating once purging has stopped. I am no longer bingeing on huge quantities of food and purging. However, I am overeating - eating junk food throughout the day. I am gaining weight and also feel tired from the crappy food. I have had dieting thoughts, but am committed to never diet again. I am committed to recovery. I would welcome anyone's experience who has gone through this phase and how it progressed or changed or resolved. I hope it is part of the journey and I just need to ride it out. Part of the problem- I assume- is that I am not following structure eating now. I plan to change that and start it again this weekend. I'm starting a new job on Monday and that will provide consistency in my day and so SE should fit nicely into that. I'm afraid it will feel like a diet, but I think I need to recognize I am not able to handle the freedom of eating without it right now. (On the other hand, I am also afraid I won't even be able to limit myself to the SE types and amounts of food. I have been eating a ton of junk food.)


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I am still in the early

I am still in the early stages of my latest attempt at recovery, and I am finding that a structured eating plan is the only way to stop bingeing. When I "veer" and get too confident, I struggle. When I restrict, I ALWAYS end up bingeing. Helpful to me is eating every 2.5 hours, hungry or not, having a plan for each meal and snack prior to sitting down to eat, and making sure my meals and snacks include protein, carbs and fat so I don't feel deprived. Sometimes, I am satisfied. Sometimes, I am not sure. But I keep the "contract" with myself and follow the plan because if I dont, I am playing with a loaded gun. It DOES often feel like a diet, but this initial stage of structured eating is not forever. But it IS what is true for me right now, so I am just accepting it. Some days are harder than others, but no day of structured eating compares to the pain that bulimia has caused in all aspects of my life.

Hang in there and "stay the course"...a life free from this is worth the effort.


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Hello Alyson, When I first

Hello Alyson,

When I first began recovery using structured eating I over ate every single time I ate. Also, my food choices included really rich tasty desserts and salty treats almost with every single meal or snack. You know what? That is completely normal for some of us! Here's the thing. While you were bulimic you were restricting these foods. So now your body wants you to prove that you are seriously never going to deprive or restrict them again. I am proud of you for eating these and not purging or binging. This shows progress in your recovery! It may take a long time to prove this to your body. The key is to take as long as you need giving yourself much needed nurturing and patience to recover. Eventually you will start to crave and mix in some more nutrient rich foods into your diet too. It took awhile for me to do this same thing because when I was restricting the only things I ever allowed myself to have were foods that I had decided were "good" foods. I only ate "bad" or "junk foods" when I binged and purged. So I couldnt bare to eat very many nutrient rich foods in the beginning of recovery. Remember there really are no "good" foods or "bad" foods, just foods. All foods have their place in our diets. Great job rejecting those diet thoughts! Keep on eating the foods that sound tasty to you. Dont worry about weight gain, you will hit your natural set point weight as you recover and eventually learn to eat intuitively. For now just keep moving forward with your structured eating and dont worry about your choices. Dont listen to any thoughts of judgement about your choices, just eat exactly what sounds super tasty to you. You sound like you are doing great!

Love alone is worth the fight. - Jon Foreman

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I didnt see that you werent

I didnt see that you werent following structured eating but were planning too. I highly recommend it! It helps so much! Even while doing structured eating you can continue to eat whatever foods sound good to you. If you are having difficulty stopping at satiety a tool that helped me was to remind myself a lot that I could have whatever food I was enjoying again in only 3-4 more hours. I had to remind myself that it wasnt going away or going anywhere and also that I could choose this food whenever I wanted without restrictions! Once you really believe this and make true peace with those food items then you will be able to move on into a more balanced diet. Take as long as you need though!

Love alone is worth the fight. - Jon Foreman

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Maybe fill a few plastic tuns

Maybe fill a few plastic tuns with healthy treats like watermelon, sticks of veggies with a houmous dip, some sunflower seeds, pieces of Apple and kiwis or other fruit, or even some nuts, if you crave the fats at the moment. Having these on hand in the fridge will make them easy to go to, stopping you from snacking on junk food in the day. Prepare enough for a few days at a time and you'll have them in easy reach when you feel like snacking. Nuts are good if you've been into fattier foods, watermelon is great is you crave sugar. Try and think of healthy alternatives to the junk food, but things that will still satisfy a sweet tooth or junky craving. If you like a bit of salt, try sunflower or pumpkin seeds with a little salt.
Also, when trying to kick sweet drinks or fizzles drinks, try sparkling iced tea. Might sound gross if you aren't a tea lover, but I hate tea and they have helped me satisfy a bubbly drink craving without the added sugar.


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