Overfeeding with salads!

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Overfeeding with salads!

I found that as I eat normal amounts of food I enjoy, the less liely I am to binge, the more likely I feel full. Makes sense.

Though for years I used to make these outrageously HUGE salads, that weren't tastely, and of course, had little calories. But that was what I figured then, that if I ate a large salad, then I would feel full for a while. Though, the reality was that I always ended up binging and exercising/purging. It's because the salad was soooo boring! and didn't have any calories.

Plus, since the salad was so ENORMOUS, I would stretch my stomach up so much that my body wanted to eat more in order to feel full.

Salads are one big trick I tell ya! They're good to have as a apart of the meal for digestion but a meal? Somesalds are meal worthy, but now I typically stay away since they used to be a safe food.

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I know what you mean... i

I know what you mean... i sometimes make a fruit salad and eat so much of it but it makes you hungry really fast. Doesnt have much calories to begin with... and ugh.

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