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Pain in Esophogus

Hi! I have been trying very hard with my recovery last two weeks, despite the holiday, have been trying MUCH harder than in the past. I have been experiencing more heartburn, maybe because there is actual food in my stomach to digest. After two days of excruciating heartburn to the point I could not get off the couch.....I not have constant pain right in the middle of my chest. I get the occasional pain, but mostly this is so scary and I am getting anxious, stressed out, depressed, and can't stop thinking that I am dying or something. I am a VERY anxious person, so any support or advice you can offer me how to get through this pain so I can eat again.

Thanks, guys!!

Apocalypse Meow
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Try not to panic, love. Have

Try not to panic, love. Have you tried taking any sort of OTC antacid to alleviate or at least reduce your symptoms? With heartburn that debilitating, I'd be getting to a doctor pronto.

Unfortunately, your stress can also contribute to these symptoms. Try taking an antacid and then going to your doctor if they don't help. Or going right to your doctor. That's what I'd do if it were THAT severe. That's kinda scary. Unless the chest pain is caused by anxiety...I'll stop speculating. Please get it checked out. <3

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I always have heartburn if I

I always have heartburn if I don't take omeprazole daily. I had this problem before I became bulimic, but I'm sure the binging and purging made it worse. I've had GI studies and have a hiatal hernia, probably also exacerbated by the purging. Omeprazole completely relieves me of the heartburn, though. You can get it over the counter, but a doctor can prescribe it so you can get it for $4.00 at Walmart and other pharmacies that sell $4.00 generics.

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