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peoples persections

yesterday while iwas driving to work, i had a talk back radio station on. and the dj just annouced that they were talking to some expert on eating disorders from another organisation i wont name. anyway the so called expert went on to say that people who suffer from anorexia and bulimia, have deep rooted phyciatric problems and its a mentaal illness. at this point i switched it off. having known that i have just told my two best friends. no wonder its so hard to tell people. i felt like ringing up and saying "no its my bodies reacton to being starved" it made me so mad. I am now going to share the ebook with my friends. so they dont think i am a crazy person.


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I think I would be angry too

I think I would be angry too if I had heard this - but if i had heard it just over a month ago i prob would have thought they were right.

the beauty of this site is the simple way to say it isn't your fault and/or you are not broken:)

How far I have come in just a month is amazing and i put it down to SE (of course) and the removal of guilt



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It's really too bad, I agree.

It's really too bad, I agree. Sometimes I think society calls certain disorders "deeply disturbed" not because they're strange but because they hit TOO close to home, if that makes sense. we live in a society that is obsessed with food and obsessed with dieting. When people hear about bulimia, they immediately compare the descriptions with their own behavior and freak out and put up a big WALL: ("not me, them! those bulimics, they're the crazy ones!") It's all about scapegoating a much bigger issue: We live in a world that feeds us TOXIC food and DECEPTIVE messages about diets.

I think all the new research on brain chemistry, hunger and leptin levels and blood sugar, etc. is going to start reducing stigma around eating disorders. A lot of people still have memories of the "horror stories" they saw on daytime talk tv in the mid-80's. They don't realize that most people with eating disorders are regular people who have jobs and go to school and have families - albeit, with a lot of added challenges and misery.

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