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Okay so I have not had a period since January. I went off the pill at this time after 5 years of being on it. I'm not sure whether its the eating disorders (I was anorexic for 3 years now bulimic for 3) or just going off the pill and my body taking time to adjust. I'm at a healthy weight and over the past five months have managed to get my b/ping down to once or twice a week usually. Has anyone else been on the pill and gone off it while bulimic and had similar problems?? I'm really scared I'm infertile.

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It could be the combination

It could be the combination of the two... I haven't had my period in a little over a year... I was never on the pill though... :-/ I wish I could help you... Once or twice a week of purging shouldn't cause you to lose your period I don't think... But I am not a DR... Just some weird 18 year old... LOL!!

Best way to test if you are infertile or not, go to the drug store and get the "First Response Fertility Test"... That is if you are too afraid to go to a G.Y.N...

I am here for you!!

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My friend had a similar experience

After coming off the pill it took about 8 months before she had a period, so it can def happen to non bulimic people Im sure it can happen to people with bulimia too.

You should go see your doctor if you are concerned though. I did come off the pill after 6 years but my periods returned to normal, but im sure everyone is totally different. It could well have something to do with your bulimia even if you are at a healthy weight, but like I said, if you are worrying too much its always better to get things checked out and put your mind at ease x x

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I came off the pill...

around April, and I've only had 3 periods so far and the last one was only 2 days long!

I have heard that it takes several months for your period to regulate so don't let it worry you too much. How was your period before you went on the pill? Some people just don't have regular periods. Although apparently you should go ON the pill if this is the case as it can be detrimental to a woman's health to not have the regular dips in hormone levels.

Mine Used to be really regular before I went on the pill so I know it's definitely not back to normal for me and I'm hoping it will get back to how it used to be in some time.

I think being bulimic can also mess up your period even if you are only b/p once a week, you could still be suffering malnutrition.
Perhaps that 'once a week' reminds your body of when you b/p several times a week so it doesn't menstruate just in case you couldn't cope with the strain??

Get checked out if you're worried, I get worried too about this. If I get checked and everything's fine I'll let you know because then it probably is a combination of coming off the pill and bulimic habits xxx

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