Periods: body or mind urge?

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Periods: body or mind urge?

As a female, I unfortunately go through that phase every month (depending on the individual) of getting the most powerful binge urges I ever experience the week before my period.

Since beginning recovery again, I haven't yet reached that week. But I'm aware that it's fast approaching! In an effort to really do everything I can and be as prepared as possible I do not want to binge or purge.

Usually, this week is the time when I binge/purge the most in a month. The tricky thing is that recently I have been battling binges by saying aloud to myself "this is a mind urge" or "this is a body urge" . This way, I can physically let myself know with a sane and clear voice what it is that my body either needs or doesn't need at that moment.

However, I am frightened that this rationale may not work when hormones kick in and everything takes over...

Does anyone experience the same problems? If so, how should I go about preparing for this hormonal nightmare?

Bingebusting vibes :)

"Une fois que tu as réalisés que tu peux faire ce que tu veux, tu es libre! Tu peux voler."

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Hi, there. I don't really

Hi, there. I don't really have anything helpful to say, as I'm using an implant for birth control and don't get my periods with it, or the fluctuations in hormones. My moods are unfortunately just my moods!

I was just aware of the fact you had no replies yet and worried you might be feeling all alone! Please don't think that! Don't feel alone, I'm sure someone will have a helpful something to say, so keep calm and know that you have friends on here, even if we don't all go through the same rollercoasters.

Hang in there!


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Hey Emmeline, I also don't

Hey Emmeline,

I also don't have any experience, due to an IUD, but I do know they addressed it in the Bulimia Help Method. They said that you do need more calories during that time of the month, so maybe upping your intake a bit or letting yourself have that piece of chocolate will help out with the cravings.

We're here for you, lady!


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Hi there, I get quite

Hi there,

I get quite pronounced mood changes when pre-menstrual. Like I'm irritated and upset by the smallest thing. As a result I've often found I'm more likely to binge then as well. For me using the "rational" recovery model described in the Brain over Binge book I've found I've been able to fight off ALL binge urges, even those before a period. The key for me is really reminding myself that ultimately I have the power, and I've been amazed that after decades of letting those urges rule I can finally overpower them.

So really I just wanted to give you hope - wherever those urges come from, where there is a will, there is a way!


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Hi Girl, I know exactly how

Hi Girl,

I know exactly how you feel, since both in ED and in recovery and even being recovered, the things my body craves during my period and the week before are very different, But you know what i found is the best way of coping with it? Give in.

That's right, there is a reason my body needs this, one your time of the month you lose blood, which means you lose minerals, and strength and your body wants to replenish these things.

f,ex; My "weakness" during that time of the month is goldfish crackers/pretzels, simple something solid and salty.These things don't usually agree with my tummy, but during that time of the month I don't care if I ate a half jar of goldfish crackers. If that's what was needed to make me feel better or "comfort" my body so be it. An replenishing you body during this time will not lead to weight gain, It's about learning to understand our bodies and what they need. I would in this case say the urges are both mind and body. Cause you expect it to be this way in your mind already and this may be blowing it out of proportion, at the same time your body does get a bit kukoo during this time. But accept it, it's totally natural.

(FYI: To put your mind at ease for those worried, treating yourself a little extra nice in both comfort and food areas during your period will not cause massive weight gain, I've been fully recovered 2 years, and haven't really gained anything but happiness & a healthier Body)

Life is too short to not be happy

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Thank you for all the great

Thank you for all the great responses!

I have been incorporating all of this fantastic advice.

Also, I have found that being "mindful" in general has really helped to cope with these kinds of things. Based on the idea that "no feeling is final" I can actually accept that, although I will experience moments during my period where I will need more food, this will not be a permanent thing. Rather, something that my body needs in that particular moment. As opposed to thinking about what it has needed in the past or how it will affect my body in the future, I am learning to peacefully accept and give to my body what it needs in the moment.

This is working well for me at the moment...Although I do realise this could be too early on in my recovery to start relying entirely on intuition. It is good to start practising mindful eating within SE though!

Thanks again for the support :)

"Une fois que tu as réalisés que tu peux faire ce que tu veux, tu es libre! Tu peux voler."

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I have recently discovered 3

I have recently discovered 3 joyful truths (in my case), that i hadn´t seen clearly before i felt really recovered from bulimia:

1. Around 4 days before my period i get very much hungrier. I decided to accept it, have some more sweet treats or what i feel like having.

2. I get bloated and gain around 3 pounds on these days prior to my period.

3. These 3 pounds ALWAYS go away after 2 or 3 days into my period. And i swear im not restricting or trying to compensate the extra calories i had on PMS. That´s why i know it must be water retention. It was hard for me to realize this, i always thought water retention was an invention of people denying their weight gain!!

So the good news for me: yes i can eat more, i can see clearly that im adding a couple more of snacks in the day and know its not just OK but its necessary. When i started to see it like this i also planned my extra snacks ahead so that they would be the best choices to fit my day, instead of being whatever i found on the way that i couldnt resist but that i tried to avoid, ending up eating it and then feeling guilty. Its more much simple and nice and relaxing now!!!


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