Pets and Recovery: How my dog helps me everyday

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Pets and Recovery: How my dog helps me everyday

I wanted to write a 'feel good' post regarding pets and recovery. My BulimiaHelp friend, Kay.S and I were talking about how wonderful it is to have pets in our life and how wonderful it feels to take care of someone other than yourself.

I rescued my dog, Louie, when I was deep into my eating disorder. I was twenty one years old (I am now 24) and I can't tell you how many positive experiences and strides I have made in my recovery since then. Even though bulimia is still in my life, it plays a MUCH smaller role and I find myself functioning like a 'normal' person 99 percent of the time. Louie had (and has) a big part to play in my success. That may sound a little silly, but it is true!

I find that eating disorders can be incredibly selfish. For me, my bulimia blocked out many important people in my life. It stole holidays, family reunions, and parties from me because of the shame, embarrassment, and humiliation it caused me. When I introduced little Louie into my life, it was motivation to care about someone other than myself. I had to feed him, walk him, bathe him, and love him. It was a small step to getting my freedom back.

Let me (and others know) if you have had positive experiences with pets and recovery :)

Everyone's a hero
If you want to be
Everyone's a prisoner
Holding their own key
And every step I take
And every move I make
Always one step closer
I don't mind runnin' alone

-Steve Perry






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