Picking/snacking while preparing food

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Picking/snacking while preparing food

Okay, so lately I've noticed that while I'm preparing my food I keep on picking at some while I'm cutting up vegetables, cheese, chicken etc. whatever I'm making. It usually leads to me feeling super full by the time my meal is ready or it will lead to a purge because I ate so much and I feel guilty not to eat with my family/friends. So it's not since I started noticing that I'm doing doing it and how strrooonng the habit wants to take place because, honestly, it's my favourite part of prepping food! And it's not doing me any favours!

So because I already have a problem with chewing gum(in large amounts), I'm thinking of maby putting ice in my mouth while I prepare the food. Have any of you struggled with this and what did you do? Any tips to unlearn this?


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I have this problem as well.

I have this problem as well. As far as breaking the habit goes, cooking with raw meat helps. I hate it. It's disgusting. But you CAN'T sample because you will be sick. And if I'm not purging from a binge, I sure ain't gonna throw up from some other bad reason like food poisoning! I also tried conscientiously deciding ahead of time that I would ONLY eat that food from a plate. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, but it does usually at least minimize the nibbling. also, if your digestive system has not yet fully healed, you may feel more full from the snacking than you actually are.

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I also remember at the

I also remember at the residential treatment centre that all the girls did it when we prepared food and the supervisors would call us out if they saw us picking while preparing the food. Because it is a eating disorder behaviour, and like it says in the manual... It keeps it alive. So now i try to imagine how i'm feeding the 'beast' inside of me when i do it because it doesn't want me to enjoy my meal. And if i refuse to do it it will suffocate it away. ( i know its quite a weird visual but you get the idea of how we hate this) because it's one of the typical ed behaviours and we are practising normalness around food, it is unacceptable. We must love ourselves enough in able to have a good relationship with food and enjoy our mealtimes!


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Have you tried having a large

Have you tried having a large drink before you start making food? I don't know if that would help, but it might give you a feeling of fullness while you prepare and you'll be less inclined to snack. I don't have a drink with my meals for this reason as I get too full, so maybe it'll work the other way around to your advantage.

Another way to stop picking at higher calorie foods would be to make up a small portion of fruit, such as strawberries, to put in front of you while you make food. Once the strawberries are gone you have a mental affirmation to not eat any more until dinner. I know it's still snacking at something, but at least it's a healthy thing, not cheeses or other fats which could upset the balance in an otherwise wholly nutritious diet.


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At the moment im struggling

At the moment im struggling with snacking while prepping meals too, i find it hard to be hungry and even though im preparing the food to satiate me my mind goes YOU NEED FOOD NOW! so maybe preparing food a bit in advance could help, but I think at the moment chewing gum while preparing sounds good, so I will start with that. I also thought that maybe instead of the black and white thinking of "no i can not snack at all with any meals while i prep them" start with saying to myself ok today while i prepare breakfast i can snack while preparing, but lunch and dinner I will wait until my meals are prepared" hmm things to try, but it's so true odimelodi that by snacking as harmless as it seems its keeping the beast alive, also your visual of suffocating the demon is very effective! thanks for the advice girls.
much love and peace xx

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Tooth Whitening Strips will

Tooth Whitening Strips will do the trick.

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