Piercing Concerns

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Piercing Concerns

Hey guys,
I've been bulimic for a long time now and I've also had a my tounge pierced on and off for a couple of years. What I was wondering was do you think I should be taking my piercing out when I purge? I'm quite fastidious with cleaning it nightly but I'm just wondering if you think I should perhaps do more?
Like take it out while I purge or clean it more frequently?
I don't want to cause any infections or anything...

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Scarlet Bones
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I used to have my tounge

I used to have my tounge pierced and I just used to leave it in. Never had any infections but I just decided to take it out in the end as it wasnt helping with the clattering against my teeth and wearing my teeth even more.

I wouldnt be too worried about if I was you and just keep cleaning it as you are. The tounge is the fasting healing area on the body so try not to fret too much xx

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. . .

I have my lip pierced. I never took it out when i was in the act of purging. . . But i do take it out when I gargle and rinse my mouth out after the b/p . . .just to get all the yuckies off and prevent infection. . .

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