please tell me there is sum kinda cure 4 swollen glands!!

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please tell me there is sum kinda cure 4 swollen glands!!

jus wanted 2 know if ANYONE had any ideas that make the glands go down sooner?? other than the obvious of dont bp!! hind sight is 20/20 jw if anyone knows a special remedy?? thanks

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Massasing them can help

Hi there,

My freaky-deaky looking glands are THE reason I've decided to kick bulimia's ass. I have had major self-confidence issues because of this. Like, i don't want to wear my hair back in a clip or pnoytail because it looks SOOO obvious and HUGE. So, this is it for me.

One thing I have read and started doing myself is massaging them. YOu need to apply firm pressure to them for like, 10-15 seconds at a time several times thorughout the day (Just make this a habitual habit, if you can). Make a "grimace-face" and press, press press in the different areas of your jaw. I was binging/purging 4-6 times a day for 27 freaking years, so yes, I've had my share of swollen parotid glands. I've now cut back to once a day (not perfect, but still very difficult) because I have NO OTHER CHOICE unless I want to continue looking terrible. Unfortunately, I've found nothing other than abstaining from binging and the massage to help.

I look SO much better with my glands "normal" and kicking this disease is WORTH it to look normal again. (Fortunately, I've not experienced any other negative health effects from it and have always been committed to healthy eating and good exercise necessary to a healthy body. However, I love the feeling of binging and eating and the tastes, etc. so that's where the bulimia is mixed into my "other" self who eats right and cherishes her health. Weird, I know.

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