Preparing to go cold turkey - hints and tips??

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Preparing to go cold turkey - hints and tips??

Hey everyone, so the gradual approach is just not working for me. Ive tried really really hard but I just can't do it. SO I've set a date to stop binging and purging completely, am going to go cold turkey and JUST STOP. I wanted to post this as it gives me both responsibility and ownership - its out there, I've told all of you lovely ladies and gents so I can't go back on my word now. The date is 3rd October - I know that's a few days away but a) I felt like I needed some time to prepare, and b) I am moving home on 1st October (to live on my own) so I will be able to control my own environment and have my own space, which I can't at the moment. What I wanted to ask you all is - any tips and advice for this preparation period, and tips and advice for making things easier, especially for the first couple of weeks? I CAN DO THIS, I CAN DO THIS, I CAN DO THIS....... xxxxx

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I would reccommend between

I would reccommend between now and then you work on your structured eating and try and string together as many good days as you can. I think setting a date like you have it putting quite a lot of unneccessary pressure on yourself but i guess some of us work well under pressure so this might be a good idea for you? Just make sure you feel as comfortable as possible eating 3 meals each day, have a list of foods you feel comfortable eating and try to stick with non trigger foods for the first few weeks and then slowly introduce other types of food so you dont feel like you're missing out. Also write out how you are going to handle binge urges and reasons why you want to recover.
Good luck!!

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I'm also one of those that

I'm also one of those that went cold turkey...NOT easy:) but doable.
For some of us, quitting gradually just doesn't's like people who quit smoking, some do it gradually, some need to just stop completely. (I also quit smoking cold turkey:)
Gradual didn't work for me because somehow my mind reasoned that it gave me permission to binge if occasional slips were okay. I needed to cement in my mind that bingeing was not the way to deal with my problems., suggestions..hmm, well, I prepared by getting myself a ton of motivational things, like I have them on my fridge, my cupboard, etc. I stocked up on healthy food..not too much though, just what was on my structured eating plan. I made myself a calendar and use stars (hey it works) so I can see my progress.
And I remind myself of how bad purging makes me feel. That's actually what caused me to go cold turkey..I found, at least for me, that every time I had a slip, my body seemed to have to go through that whole process of recovery all over again, you know, the bloat period? Yeah. And I KNOW I do not want to go thru that again. I actually got bold enough to take pics of myself right after a purge..holy cow. and I keep these on my desktop. It reminds me of what I don't want to ever go back to.
Blog like crazy, stay active on the forums, get out of the house completely if you get urges.
It CAN be done:) I'm going on five months cold turkey. You'll be in my prayers as that day gets closer, good luck!

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masses of good luck hun! Xxx

masses of good luck hun!


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