Pretty nails?! Could it actually work... Hmmm...

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Pretty nails?! Could it actually work... Hmmm...

Okay so this morning i was swimming and i was letting my mind wander, as per usual and i came up with a possible idea - i want your thoughts first though before i spend money on the damn things! The thought occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, if i went and had nail extensions it would do 3 things - make me feel that little bit prettier, i hopefully won't want to purge and ruin them if they look nice and finally, be a little obstructive during the purge process? - ultimately hoping that i will think a little before i binge if i know purging is out of the question! So what do you think? Anyone tried it? Let me know :) i really really want to beat this and live my life.. Much love :) x x x

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I really think it depends on

I really think it depends on you. They would be a little obstructive, but would this be good or bad for you? For some, it might stop you from purging but for others it might do more damage if you keep trying to purge with them on.

If you are absolutely sure that you can handle this and you have the money, I say it is worth the try. If it makes you feel prettier and better about your looks, then it could help that way too.

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I've tried that!

I had my nails done and thought it would be a great way to inhibit the urge to purge knowing it would hurt if I tried. I ended up purging anyway using other ways besides my finger.
And one I had a throat infection. It hurt to even cough and yet I still managed to binge and purge. Thinking back, I have NO idea how in the world I pulled that off.
BUT, my experience shouldnt discourage you hun. If you want to feel pretty (I'm sure you are, regardless =D) then go for it! It may be the confidence booster everyone needs once in a while and take it as a treat for yourself. While you're at it, why not take a spa day and rejuvenate your whole body?
It would definitely help you relax and love your body, even for one day. =]

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I have had accrilic nails for

I have had accrilic nails for 10 years... yeah, i'm still struggling.. sorry sweetie


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Well i have gone and done it

Well i have gone and done it - had them done so we shall see I suppose! Other than the fact that I am finding it incredibly hard to type, I am not sure whether it will make any difference whatsoever - I am afraid that the bulimic me is a lot cleverer than I give her credit for - where there is a will there is definitely a way!! Anyway, so far so good - although I think this is down to my mindset right now and the benefits of a practically stress free day :). In the mood where I am already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!!

Anyway, liking the idea of a rejuvinating night.. Going to stick on a face mask, watch a trashy christmas film and call it bed time!

Thanks for your help :) xxx

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hey so I got my nails done a

hey so I got my nails done a while ago and even though it did not entirely stop me, every time I looked at them I at least though twice a bout purging. So I would say go for it because not only can getting your nails done be a relaxing treat if it makes you think twice about purging I think that it is worth it.

xx Sadie

- anna
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When I had my nails done, I

When I had my nails done, I always thought twice about purging but you know how Ed's can be.. and how out of despiration and through Ed's manipulating, I still purged, the nails couldnt stop me. I found that mine turned discolored very fast too!... And I definitely cut up the back of my throat :( But give them a try.. thats all you can do! Everyone is different in their recovery! I wish you the best :)

- Anna

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