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Has anybody used them??


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helped me a lot when my body

helped me a lot when my body couldnt digest anything. They are good, like with everything else, when used in moderation.

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um, I eat the versions of

um, I eat the versions of dairy products that have them...
and I've been taking a probiotic with my multi-v and antidepressant in the morning.

it has helped me become regular without laxatives.

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Where can you get probiotics?

Where can you get probiotics? Are they good for digestion?
Anyone know any brand names?

Thank you

Harry :)

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You can get probiotics

You can get probiotics usually at any grocery store or pharmacy. They sell them as vitamins so just check the vitamin section of the store!

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Oh great - thanks a mill

Oh great - thanks a mill sabog

Harry :)

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Probiotics are really helpful

Probiotics are really helpful because due to poor diet, medications, antibiotics, the general acidity in our environment,our colon can become overpopulated with the bad bacteria (candida). We can bring things back into balance by taking in some healthy bacteria in the form of probiotics. In an ideal world, the healthy bacteria in our intestine would outnumber the bad, but not many people are this lucky. Signs of candida overgrowth are indigestion, depression, acne, fatigue, carbohydrate cravings, etc. etc. There, soapbox over:p

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