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Hi everyone, recently I have been getting very bad stomach pains to the point where it feels like my stomach insides are sore. I haven't purged in a few weeks so I think I am experiencing the painful bloating and gas as expected. I heard probiotics are helpful but I'm really unsure what brand to buy. I'm looking for a drugstore brand that is good quality and helpful. Any suggestions?

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Hey Hun, I've just checked

Hey Hun, I've just checked mine and they are by Bioglan, Personally i like the l. If you go into any drugstore, the staff can point you in the right direction, I just asked for a strong pro biotic and they gave me these, also you don't have to keep them in the fridge either so thats good. I have used inner health plus too and they were good but those you keep in the fridge if I'm remembering right! ... Anyways your definitely right with going for pro biotics they really do help! :-) anyways hope you feel better soon

Bec x

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Okay thanks so much!!! :)

Okay thanks so much!!! :)

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I'm a strong believer in the

I'm a strong believer in the BioKult probotics.....I feel like over the years I've wasted lots of money on 'robotics.....I would be happy to recommend these to anyone :)

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aloe vera juice can also

aloe vera juice can also help!

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Personally I find Symprove

Personally I find Symprove live probiotic AMAZING! I have very, very bad stomach issues after ten years of ED abuse and I have to say Symprove genuinely has helped me when nothing else has really worked!
It's expensive but worth every cent in my opinion!

Best of luck xo

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Do people find that

Do people find that probiotics help with the bloating? As in help reduce it?

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Probiotics didn't help with

Probiotics didn't help with my bloating - I think it just had to run its hideous ten-week course - but I know some people here have found them useful. x

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I used any old brand and they

I used any old brand and they definitely worked with digestion. I used them on and off for a couple months and don't need them any more.

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