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I have been purge free for 15 months now! Crazy! It is good for to write this out because seeing it in writing is so encouraging and is a reminder that I truly have made progress. I learned 8 months ago that I had a gut issue, Candida overgrowth, and have been making steps to heal and rebalance.

All this time later I find that I no longer binge, in large quantities, on food. I still find that I mindlessly eat, eat fast, and eat with out being hungry. I really look forward to seeing this aspect of food balanced out as well.

I no longer weigh myself all the time or keep a constant calorie log in my head. But I still do care about calories and body imagine more than a healthy person would.

It is good to remember where I have come from when I notice the areas I still want to see smoothed out. this truly is a process and I am well on my way :)

This past holiday season was the first one in so so long that I didn't have anxiety about parties and get-togethers. Incredible.

I hope to post updates more often and am reminded again of the benefit to remaining in community. Thankfully I have had an amazing support system in my life that has helped me get to where I am today.

... but it is time to break out the audios for mindful eating again and brush up on keeping a scheduled eating plan for awhile again to get re focused.

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This sounds

This sounds great!
Congratulations on all this massive progres!
I think I am in a similar stage, no bingeing and purging anymore, but also mindless eating and eating while not hungry.I als still overeat and struggle with staying on structured eating.
All this overwhelmes me.I want to make progres faster than I can and feel stressed.
What really helps me is to sit and ask:whats the next important step in recovery and just go
for this till I have learned.Focus on one small change-and if it is too big, split it up in more baby steps.
I want to eat slower.So I start to eat the morning snack mindful...and so on.

Wish you luck and success and happiness for everything you already achieved.



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