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I am having a rough time with binging and depression. I'm getting quite a lot of pressure from my dad to try prozac for depression as it helped him once. I always used to say no buit now am starting to wonder if he has a point. Do I have anything to loose????
Prozac in particular is sometimes used with Bulimia recovery. My Binging seems to be connected with my depression rather then starving myself as I am eating more all the time then I have in years.
Could lifting the cloud of depression help with my eating disorder or am I setting myself up for a big fall?
I'd really like to hear some of your opinions on this as well as experience. Thanks Girls and Boys.


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I definitely recommend

I definitely recommend antidepressants as a way to slow down the whirlwind of thoughts that you get when you have an ED. It's so easy to get overwhelmed and just lose yourself in negativity. It took a while for the antidepressants to help me, but along with some anti anxiety tablets I was able to think more clearly and make more rational deciding, not fall victim to those life threatening ones that were always bogging me down. It didn't help my eating problems one little bit, just my state of mind, so it's definitely not a way to fix problems with binge eating or purging, you'll just get a clearer head to think about the problems.

They also help me sleep and that was a wonderful side effect for me as I was insomniac and would be awake for nights at a time and I could barely function. Once I started to sleep better, I could think better in the day time. All those eating disorder thoughts were still there and I still had those problems, but I was I a better mental state to tackle them, IF I wanted to.


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I just started to try it and

I just started to try it and I agree with what you are saying....but I have been battling this for many years.
But I know I need something for my urge to binge and my emotions.

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I just started taking prozac

I just started taking prozac a few weeks ago and I would say it definitely helps. I am not as hungry throughout the day, I don't obsess over food, and my whole attitude about everything is a lot more positive. I can say that personally it is helping with my recovery. However, due to it decreasing your appetite, you don't want to eat as much, but still should follow your structured eating plan. When I first started I failed to do this and it led me to binge at nights because i was only consuming 1000 isn calories for the whole day. I hope this helps you!!

xx Brittany


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So. Prozac is used a lot more

So. Prozac is used a lot more than sometimes. It is literally the only FDA approved medication for Bulimia. I took it at the highest dose for a while, and I had times where I was disorder free.

That being said the dosage has to be EXTREMELY high (60mg.)
It causes a lot of side effects. HOWEVER, decrease in appetite is NOT one of them. What I've found is, because it makes you less depressed, it makes your appetite more normal. So if you eat less when you are feeling better (not starving, just not obsessing over food), chances are Prozac WILL decrease your appetite. However there are a TON of people who won't eat if they're depressed. Prozac gives them back their appetite. SSRIs in general will NOT affect your appetite. That being said there are always outliers. But I have never seen an account that seemed like that.
I stopped Prozac because it made me tired. Apparently there is a 'Prozac poopout' where it just stops.
I started again a few months ago and have kept to a lower doesn't work as well as before, but it still helps!

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Finding it working well for

Finding it working well for me so far...lowest dose however I hope to increase at my next doc appointment. I find I just don't seem to obsess over food as much, like that part of my brain is shut off a little. I was sleepy in the first week but I seem to have become immune to that now and I feel like this is the best move I have made for myself in years.
Im sure you agree Lily Flower xxx

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